Google Roundhouse
Branding, Art Direction (2016)

Main identity and branding for Google Roundhouse, a series of customer "satellite" spaces in various international locations, the first being Singapore. They're small, technology-driven, multi-purpose spaces meant to host Google’s top clients, programs, and events – similar to 'Partner Plex' and 'BrandLab'.

Working with the team at Toaster in London, I was involved from the start with naming these spaces and exploring many ideas. As these were spaces for further developing and enriching ideas, we settled on using the analogy of a traditional roundhouse — a place where trains come in to be worked on and improved then exit in a new direction. Ideas leaving these Google spaces are better versions of themselves.

Alternative options

Innovative, approachable and premium were amongst the key themes driving the identity, whilst using the concept of multiple tracks and paths leading in and out of the roundhouse as the main visual approach.

Using a colourful circular grid to define a series of configurations
Various ways of representing direction and chosen routes
Exploring 'The Roundhouse' together with colourful vs. premium finishes for reports
Movement/animation and presentation applications
Movement/animation and presentation applications

A few images of the space can be seen here at Iontank's site as they created an interactive 'digital campfire' centrepiece for the spaces.

Role: Senior Designer/Art Director
Created at Toaster.